Project Cargo Services

We have a core expertise in handling Project Cargoes, Heavy Lift, Over Dimensional Cargoes and Break-bulk cargoes. We take up ocean freight, or complete door to door movement as the case maybe for such cargoes both Inbound & Outbound. We have also chartered & operated heavy lift ships together with foreign principals. 

Our SLAs are absolutely clear with client responsibilities & liabilities precisely laid out leaving no grey areas of confusion as happens in several cases of the complex movements of such type of cargoes. We have a very good reference from all our clients who have utilized these services.

Project Cargoes / Heavy Lifts Handled:

  • Hydraulic presses – weighing up to 150 MT single unit
  • Mechanical presses – weighing up to 70 MT single unit
  • Precision machinery – weighing up to 70 MT single unit
  • Pressure tanks – weighing up to 100 MT single unit
  • Wind mill blades, fibre moulds, gearboxes & hubs
  • Locotractors (locomotives that can run on rail & road both)
  • Steel cargoes
  • Transformers
  • Large prefabricated structures
  • Various other capital goods

Project Cargoes / Heavy Lifts Volumes:

  • Handled about 400 heavy lift units with integrated services of freight, custom clearance, transportation
  • Handled several thousand tonnes of other break-bulk cargo
  • Chartered & Operated Heavy Lift Ship with foreign principals

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